Data protection


User relationship
As with many websites, this website stores certain data, including the user’s IP address and browser type, as well as the amount of data traffic and the number of files observed. Data is collated for the purposes of statistical evaluation. No user data is disclosed to third parties.
 In some cases, third-party services are used that can be subject to the provider’s data protection and usage conditions. For example, this applies to the statistical evaluations using Google Analytics.
 When using one of the two available registration options, either the user’s e-mail address (in the case of registration via e-mail) or the user’s Facebook ID, Facebook name and e-mail address (in the case of registration via Facebook) is/are stored. The Facebook password and other non-public data are not collated or stored.

This website may send registered users messages about offers from this website (notifications). The aforementioned data is solely saved during registration for the purpose of sending e-mail notifications, for example, when the new version of the website goes online. E-mail addresses will not be disclosed to third parties. Users will therefore not be sent any e-mails advertising third-party products or services.
 For registration details to be deleted, the user must send a written request via post or e-mail to the contact address shown in the imprint. Closing a Facebook account alone, for example, does not automatically result in the definitive deletion of the user data.

Use of Cookies
This website also uses what are known as ‘cookies’ to collate and use personal details. Cookies are text files which are temporarily saved on your computer’s hard drive and make it possible to share information between computer programs/applications and the user of the cookies. They also make it possible to analyse the website usage.
 This is necessary in order to design the content of this website in a user-friendly and effective manner.
 To prevent new cookies from being used in the future, you can simply change the relevant settings in your browser. Existing cookies can be deleted manually or with the aid of suitable software.
 On using this website, the aforementioned conditions shall be deemed to have been accepted.


Data Protection